Branding in a Nutshell

Branding in a Nutshell

A lot of people think branding is a logo but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. It is not the logo; the brand is a STOREHOUSE of trust.

Forget about the brand identity and imagery; your brand is what your customers are buying into. You own your product but the consumers own the brand because they are the ones that purchase same.

“The battle for the psyche of the consumers is actually fought,lost or won at the point of purchase.”

At the point of purchase, consumers have options.

Regardless of how much of your budget you have invested in the strategic communications externally,  if your brand doesn’t resonate or have top of the mind recall, the consumer won’t purchase same.

It’s also imperative that the brand strategy  creates the right content [advisory] that’s in synergy with the desired perception.

Now when the content is lower than the delivery, you have a “hollow effect” because you have been unable to meet expectations after creating the desired demand.

Personal Branding

The personal brand of an entrepreneur is also very important. Consumers invest in the personality of the entrepreneur before the corporate brand.

It is important for brand owners to get their personal brand right because it rubs off on the corporate brand. The personal brand can rub off positively or negatively on the corporate brand.

Brand Mysticism

We have what we call the brand code in ADSTRAT, my organisation.

We are extremely private with the brands we consult for and this is due to the nature of our advisory service.

Some of our projects are interventionist in nature especially when the brand has major issues in the market. We intervene and deliver on same based on the timelines and expectations.

For other brands, it’s internal to the external. That is, restructuring and then brand projection deploying select media. At this point, we bring in third party suppliers depending on the media we recommend. There’s always a Non-Disclosure Agreement in place.

Clients love it, because it’s proof we have a professional approach and structure in place.

We are pioneers in the brand strategy,engagement and management space.

Our offering is beyond advertising; we are involved in brand identity creation, brand cathedrals development and management, brand language, brand behaviour and deliver from thought to finish [ from the idea to execution ].

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