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April 4, 2017
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April 10, 2018
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The Conversation

“The process is the process, but then you need a spark of genius.“ – Brian P.Tierney

I often get asked “At what point does a business or brand need to engage the services of a Brand Strategist and Engagement Specialist?” These are my off-the-cuff scenarios for intervention:

A. New Company, New Product :
You are starting a new business or you just developed a new product requiring a ‘naming or brand identity’.
You are going public soon and need to launch a world class brand.
You need to raise venture capital even though you don’t have your first customer.

B. Name Change:
The existing name no longer fits who you are or the business you are in.
Your name misleads consumers or has negative connotations in the existing market.

C. Revitalise A Brand:
You need to reposition and renew the corporate Brand or need to communicate more clearly who you are.
You want to appeal to a new and more affluent market.

D. Revitalise A Brand Identity:
You are a great company with cutting-edge products but you look behind the times.
Your existing identity doesn’t position you shoulder-to-shoulder with the competition.
You love your symbol but it’s not legible.

E. Create An Integrated System:
You don’t present a consistent face to the targets.
All your product literature looks like it’s from different companies.
Every division does it’s own thing without a single-minded proposition to create a seamless strand and brand discipline.

F. When Companies Merge:
You want to send a clear message to all stakeholders that this is a merger of equals.
You want to communicate that 1 + 1 = 4.
You require a new name and brand identity.
You want to send a strong signal to the world that you are the new industry leader.

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