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April 10, 2018
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CO Brand Masterclass 03

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  1. Tunde babalola says:

    I’ve been hit several times in life as a result of my not recognising who I am and the potential in me .The fight is with my inner self and spirit due to several set backs that have occurred in simulation over the years .
    I would want to discover my true brand, my purpose , my being and powers .

  2. Thank you sir for this great opportunity to be empower. I look forward to the deal day.

  3. Taiwo Sowore says:

    Waooo, fascinated already about spiritual branding as I got a snippet of it at the #thebrieffacultymeetup. Charles O’Tudor is a brand vituoso that I as a brand management consultant look up to in createing a niche in this age and time. Looking forward to meet him again.

  4. Olajide Johnson says:

    Good evening Mr. Otudor,

    I actually sent in my entry via email on the 2nd of April. My birthday was on the 9th of April and being part of this auspicious session would be a perfect gift.

    Thank you, Sir.


    Jide Johnson

  5. Omoye says:

    Was opportuned go be at the brief faculty and it was a Saturday well spent can’t wait for this!
    Thank you sir..

    Let the count down begin!

  6. Grace Ake says:

    This is quite interesting and will open up the body of Christ to excellence.
    I would love to participate because I have just started something new the Holy Spirit has been preparing me for. It’s an intercessory worship ministry and it’s unique. I don’t have a precedence to learn from, just trying to make my own part as I draw from similar ministries.
    You can check it out on IG @harpsandbowls
    This would really be of help to me. Hope to get a ticket.
    Thank you for the great work

  7. Shola Adebayo says:

    My curiosity has been greatly stirred. Looking forward to #COBMCO3

  8. Toba says:

    I have a hunch, this is going to be a place of THE PIECES COMING TOGETHER for me.. I got caught by the phrase, learn, unlearn and relearn

  9. Tochukwu Gabriel Donatus says:

    Would be an honour to top my knowledge with regards to brand management and leadership. Thanks for this opportunity sir, generations depend on this outlet and I won’t disappoint!

  10. I am a Design Entreprenuer with a vision to build a truly multi disciplinary design company that uses strategy and innovative thinking to solve problems for individuals, organizations and communities in Africa.

    I desire to learn the ropes and apply the wisdom of experience as I’m privileged to receive. I believe this would help me see business, branding and leadership with new eyes. I’m eager to have the paradigm shift necessary for my quantum leap.

    Thank you Sir for this great opportunity and happy birthday to you Sir.

    David Idibe Joseph
    Founder | DezynCycle LTD

  11. Felix Akpos says:

    I am grateful for a platform such as this that will open our eyes to the reality of the truth that will engrace us towards mastery in dimensions of life…

    Thank you Oga Boss… C.O

  12. Ngozi Mercy Opara says:

    Wow! Spiritual branding!!! I look forward to discovering, evolving , unlearning, learning and relearning how to properly position myself/business for impact in a saturated Market place. #COBMCO3

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